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EWNB was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of bringing together local skaters, to create opportunities for networking, and to promote roller-skating as a recreational activity.

We love Roller Skating and growing this session from a small public session to the # 1 yearly shuffle skate on the east coast that is today and has been nothing short of exhilarating. We share our skater's passion for meeting new skaters and providing great venues for you to continue to do what you love. If you're serious about roller skating, we're serious about providing this venue for you.

Check out the our friends in the skating community that we feel share the same passion as us, We're ready to make this a yearly experience you will want to come to every year..

Our Friends & Links

Our mission

this is our passion

If you're as passionate about Roller skating as we are, then we want you in our skating community &to be part of the EWNB family. 

For 9 years we have been building for the future generations of skaters,we have watched the next generation attend EWNB,and we are watching

                           them thrive.

Rob, our founder, grew up in Central New Jersey. Never far from a skating rink or the Jersey Shore, he made his passion his hobby. Today, EWNB(eight wheels no brakes) has been tailored to appeal to every skater  across the country.


Our Commitment

If at any time you you have a suggestion to help this session thrive, simply send your concern to our email.

We do our best to please everyone.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern.