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Michael started skating at 8-years-old and has been skating ever since. He met his wife Lori at the rink and they now have 2 daughters,Risse and Ally.  Both daughters enjoy skating but,Ally is a Regular just like Michael skating 2-3 times a week. They say skating runs in the blood,I guess Michael is proof of that. Anyone can learn to skate and most enjoy it and grow with it. Skating is his passion and EWNB shares that with all skaters new and old keeping skating thriving for the future.

Rob, our founder, grew up in Central New Jersey. Never far from a skating rink or the Jersey Shore, he made his passion his hobby.

He has been a roller skater for 40+ years.

​Him,His wife Jenn & 2 daughters Jaclyn and Dakota are all skaters that skate on a regular basis.

His love for the sport has also led him to become an avid collector of roller skating memorabilia .

His goal is to see the roller skating community thrive so that our generation and future generations can continue to enjoy this great Hobby.

From the beginning EWNB has been tailored to appeal to every skater  across the country.