From Rob:

Michael Southworth, Jackie Cusmano and I would like to thank all that support & attend EWNB. 
It was a fantastic 2 day weekend. Two kick ass sessions with great skaters at both events.

First and foremost, we want to thank Joe & Tommy Costa of RollerJam USA (#smallerjam )for allowing us to have a no rental session as the warm-up. 
We also would like to thank Tito Ramirez, Jeremy Hans & Brian Baker (Sat night), Chris Camuso and Joe (Sun) for the great music all weekend long.

THANK YOU to Connie's Skate Place and Physical Graffiti Tattoo for their support and generous donations.

#smallerjam shirt crew,you are ALL the best!!!!

Special thanks to Jenn Fencik Cusmano, Darlene Cole & Krysten Baronewith everything leading up to the event and Dayna Jean with the help on color choices.

Kathy Kilgore, you have no idea what a big part you play in EWNB – THANK YOU so much for all the hard work.

Wayne Tasakii, for handling the mic like a pro. ; )

Our ticket girls always do a great job – Lynn Cali, Dawn Harpster & new helper Tammy Martin.

Laurie Fridinger for helping Jenn with the shirts (although we did miss Wendy Mccartney & Kimberly Mccartney-Nikitin). 
Rachel Fridinger & Laurie for doing the 50/50.

Megan Bianco Francis & Vinny with always helping in any way they can.

Guin, for handling the food.

Tracey Kleinow for always handling the food & snack bar like a perfectionist.

The RollerJam staff as well as Kathleen Zsorey Kathleen J. Zsorey-Martinand all of the South Amboy staff.

And most important, Paul Emerson for his pictures and presence, he has come a long way!!! Also taking pics this year, Ray Stitt, Kelly Delaney and Danielle Sadrovitz.

Shooting Video this year Mark Esposito and Linwood D. Neverson Thank you!!!

Shout out to our #1 supporters: Boston & North Carolina (Andy Bruckneralways tries to add people every year).

Also, we can't forget some of my favorites:

Tracey Yoho McCormack who comes from LA every year.

Mark Shennett has been on this ride with most of the Boston crew since the beginning and a loyal friend.

Michael Shulll for making the ride from Baltimore every year, and the Crave Cases!!!

Lisanrodney Eley & Davis Kirkland from Texas – always ready to skate all night.

Jim Park from Neville Roller Drome in Pittsburgh.
We missed Sophie Park this year.

Samantha Cruise& Michael Hicks from Roll Dawgz, FL.

Michelle Knopf-Ronin & Michael A Macerato.... fun conversations!!

Butch Wagaman a huge supporter that has brought his whole family along for the ride.(Brittany Brown)

Jason Hood from Alabama.

Thomas C. Hybiskei & Charlie, he's always the life of the party.

The Delaware and Atlanta crew.

Larry Anderscavagege for tearing it up both nights.

Greg Fuller for your presence for the last few years.

This session was not the same without two people that have been to every EWNB since the beginning. Rest in peace Chester Fried & Wayne Meyerswe miss you both

This year we also lost another loyal EWNB skater from Boston, Christine Robinson Paquette we miss you!

To anyone we missed,we apologize it took us two days to write this.
Next Year is 10 Years....Stay tuned for all info on the Epic 10 year celebration.