Thanks to everyone who set it up, came, spectated, skated, staffed..all of it. Amazing job

....Dominic Ryan Camaioni

The Bradford, MA. Skate Crew had an amazing time!! It was a privilege to roll with with an incredible group of skaters. We have made new friends and look forward to rolling with you again.

....Rachel Boucher

Best night of my life! Right here ill never forget it!

....Jamie Smicherko

With out you all putting this event on so many of us would not come to NJ to skate for a weekend. I've met so many great people because of Eight wheels.So thanks to you for what you do for us.....See you next year......

....Daryle Buckley 

look forward to this event every year. And every year gets better and better. I'm counting down the days until next year already! Amazing job to EVERYONE involved. You guys were amazing,very well organized and smooth. Thank you guys for having me and my crew there rolling. Can't wait to see everyone again soon. ♡

....CaitlynMarie Nirka 

Greatest skating event ever!! 

....Karen Perry 

I know I speak for all the Atlanta and Alabama crew in thanking  all u NJ folks. EWNB was a session we all will remember for a long time, and be back for 2015. cant say enough for the music and energy

....Ron Goldsmith

You ALL did an AWESOME job!!! It was an honor for my son & I to attend our second EWNB. We look forward to next year! How many days???

....Allison Rapach 

Great job to all, I feel honored to be a part of this amazing skate family, looking forward to next year!!

....Leigh Mathews 

Such a great time. feeling the anticipation build each year is like a restless kid on Christmas Eve. I don't know how you do it but you outdo yourselves every year n by far you've got a lot of work to outdo this years event. Sincere thanks to everyone. You rock!! Being at this event is better than any energy drink !!Also hope everyone that took a spill is ok I saw some scary ones out there. See everyone next year

....Greg Fuller

OMG I'm so tired 

....Darlene Cole

Thank from the bottom of my heart for everything! This was our 1st year to EWNB and we had an absolutely amazing time! We look forward to many more visits to NJ in the future. Thank you to everyone involved...I can't even begin to imagine the extent of planning an event like EWNB requires. Your hard work is appreciated by so many!

....Heather Shughart

Love love love Thank you for all your hard work to help make this event the most amazing skate event of the year every year and got capturing it all.

....Jennifer Piper Burnett 

Well I guess I died last night and felt like I went to heaven never skated with so many people since my childhood years that was a few years ago. I want to thank everyone that brought all the food. smile emoticon The DJS WERE OUT OF THIS WORLD. ....
Ray Stitt

Thanks Rob...had a great time....keep it FUNKY brotha !!

....Doc Shock

What our friends are saying...

Best session ever!!

Really had a fantastic time!  Can't wait till 2015!

....Jean Karen Searing

unbelievable I have chills right now. 8 wheels no breaks rocks

....David Hunter 

The Greatest thing to ever happen to skating

....Nick Villarreal 

That was fun! Thank you for organizing this event that just gets better & better!! Countdown for EWNB 2015 officially starts in one hour:)

....Lori Sorrentino Almeida

There are so many ways to describe last nights's event that I can't really put it all into words. So I will keep it simple.
Beautiful evening spent with 490 beautiful people on 8 WHEELS!

....Mike Wotring

Out-effing-standing as usual. Thanks to everyone that makes this thing happen every year. Can't wait till next year's smile emoticon

....Erik Hann

as we have all come to expect at 8 wheels.... excellence..... on all levels.

....Mike Shull

Would like to thank Rob Cusmano & Michael Southworth and anyone else involved with planning this event from start to finish. JOB WELL DONE. I have planned events in the past and it is not as easy task. Super Job guys! See you next year...

....Cindy Giovanniello Gonzalez

I had a great night at EWNB! Such a wonderful time as always! Can't wait till next year! Thanks to everyone who made this night possible

....Renee Detter

The Bradford, MA. Skate Crew had an amazing time!! It was a privilege to roll with with an incredible group of skaters. We have made new friends and look forward to rolling with you again.

....Rachel Boucher

 Absolutely hands down the best skate of the year. Gonna be hard to top it. But I'm sure you'll do it.

....Greg Fuller

Amazing! Thats whats all about!! Wow!! Really love this!!!

....Tommy Seeco Siconolfi

Greatest skating event ever!! Loved it!! Can't wait til next year lol

....Karen Perry

8 wheels is like Christmas for skaters!

....Deron Clark  

Awesome job!!! If that don't get you pumped for September there's something wrong with you

....Greg Fuller

Is anyone else walking funny this morning?? AMAZING session!!

....Meredith Primak


....Tito Tee

 Words cannot express...OVERWHELMING!

....Skatingdan Plasky 

Thank you so much for hosting such a great event!

....Tiffany Ernst

Awsome session!! Well worth the two hour drive to get there.

....Jeremy Hans

Thanks Rob n Mike for this awesome event. Been looking forward to since last year n was def well worth the wait!!

....Greg Fuller

Great session tonight!! Great job Rob Cusmano & Michael Southworth for bringing the skating community together every year for this awesome event. Keep up the great work!!

....Wayne Tasaki

Great session!!! Can't wait for next year

....Katie Mathews